children skiing

Climate change may mean 70% less snow by 2099 for alpine ski resorts

Dozens of low alpine resorts may only have a few days a year with enough snow to ski.
Hawaiian Airlines Boeing 767

Row over a $12 blanket causes a four-hour flight diversion

Hawaiian Airlines made an emergency landing which cost $12,000 after a row over a $12 blanket.
United Airlines Airbus A319-132

United flies Paris-bound passenger to San Francisco by accident

A passenger who boarded her United Airlines flight, from New York's airport, Newark, was heading for Paris but ended up in San Francisco.

The Travel Magazine reaches 2 million followers on Twitter

The Travel Magazine has reached a major milestone with 2 million Twitter followers.
Travelodge Room

Travelodge launches Cuddillow – a cuddle pillow

In response to customers who find it difficult to sleep on their own when travelling solo, Travelodge has created "Cuddillow" the UK's first cuddling pillow.
Azure Window, Gozo, Malta

Malta’s famous Azure Window arch collapses into the sea

Malta's much loved arch, the Azure Window, collapses into the sea and is lost forever.
Slalom House, Astana, Kazakhstan

Would you ski off the top of a 21 storey building?

Slalom House project in Astana, Kazakhstan aims to create a giant 1,000 ft rooftop ski slope for residents.
US-VISIT mechanism that records all 10 fingerprint

Fingerprint scanners at US airports will scan all 10 fingers

Homeland Security will collect 10 fingerprints at airports from international visitors to the United States.
Ryanair B737-800

Ryanair may have to pay out £610m in flight delay compensation claims

The result of test case opens the door to 2.66 million Ryanair passengers to make flight delay compensation claims going back up to six years.
Emirates Airlines

New Emirates Dubai to Panama route will be the world’s longest non-stop flight

Emirates are launching a non-stop flight from Dubai to Panama City which will travel a staggering 13,821km on a one-way trip.