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Blanco Beach Club review, Portimão, Algarve

by Sharron Livingston

Blanco Beach Club has closed


The Algarve is loved by holiday makers for its light blue skies, amazing sun light (I swear it has its own shade) and its golden beaches. And tranquillity.

But now you can ditch the peace and quiet and pump up the volume at the Blanco Beach Club. This newcomer to the Portimão beach adds a new dimension to day life and indeed the al fresco night life with its house-party-within-a-beach-club scenario that Nathanial  the oh-so trendy head host says “will be the local answer to Ibiza”.

This is a top notch beach club looking fresh in its white-washed decor created by the elusive entrepreneur Maximillian White – hence the name Blanco. There’s a “guest” list and if you are on it (easily done; you pay the entry fee or hire a bed in advance) and you get to enter into another world armed with a defining wrist band.

There are security guards (bless them for being diligent) and a doorman-cum-bouncer. All necessary stuff in a place like this, but perhaps tone down the bouncer act a bit?

Inside, white leather round beds are dotted around the 20-metre blue-hued pool on attractive wood decking. There’s a bar at one end, sunken arcs of seating, the DJ’s stage and at the other end of the pool there are a few cabanas that have their own jacuzzis big enough for six people.

But these are expensive (1,500 euros for six people) to hire. The cheapest option is a bean bag on the sandy area which, after an entry fee, are free to use.

It is quite a beautiful scene to walk into and one that shines in the daylight. At night it is lit up in pinks and purples and looks good against the night sky.

There are plenty of easy-to-spot waiters as they are all dressed in white. They mill around and as the beds have a waiter service you never need to wait long to place an order for a cocktail. It’s a simple menu of sushi, pizza, salads and burgers, but tasty enough.

There’s large DJ stage churning out tunes all day and as the alcohol-fuelled hours slide away, flirting couples canoodle to the sway of the music while others take to the pool, cocktails in hand to frolic, refresh underneath a fountain or simply dance adding movement to the shimmer of the blue water.

Girls on a bed in Blanco Beach Club Algarve
Girls on a bed
Selfies by the waterfall
Selfies by the waterfall

Some spend the afternoon flaked out on the bed just snoozing under a white parasol and sunbathing. While others, perhaps they were hens and stag groups, stayed by their beds drinking, nattering and giggling.

As the sunsets and the moon rises, the ambiance changes. The parasols are tied down and the music heats up for the night party. Sometimes there are famous acts such as American rapper Ace Hood and Serge Devant strut their stuff to packed houses.

Who would love the Blanco Beach club scene?

If you are a toned, tanned, on trend party animal probably between 18 to 35 (ish), have deep pockets and are into the stylish, exclusive House Party scene you will fit right in.

How much?

Entry fee is 10 euros
Beds start from 200 euros (4 people at 50 euros each minimum spend)

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