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TUI say they have the technology to predict your ideal holiday

by Sharron Livingston
TUI Destination U face recognition technology

A new piece of technology that decodes your facial expressions and delve into your subconscious to predict your ideal holiday has been commissioned by travel company TUI.

The travel company who is currently transitioning from UK tour operator Thomson, says the new technology uses emotionally intelligent tech and facial coding to reveal the holiday that matches your subconscious and emotional needs.

The futuristic “Destination U” Prototype is designed to trigger the imagination and tap into the subconscious. An algorithm computes every subtle facial response to a rapid series of evocative moving images of destinations and experiences, and uses that data to calculate the “perfect holiday”.  Designed for TUI UK by Realeyes, the Prototype is a world first for the travel industry and TUI hope it will become be a standard part of holiday planning within the next few years.

Destination U is a huge step forward for facial coding and one that tracks an emotional journey driven by the subjects’ reactions.

It will be a different for every person and every person will receive a unique handpicked holiday that is likely to make them the happiest.

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