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Q&A: Can I carry Christmas dinner in my hand luggage?

by Sharron Livingston
Christmas dinner

My daughter is under the weather and living in France at the moment. So I want to take the Christmas dinner to her to cheer her up. I have a turkey, cranberry sauce and a box of Camembert. Can I take this in my hand luggage and save money on having to take check-in luggage?

It is the season to be merry, isn’t it? But you may find yourself not so merry if you carry liquids over 100ml through security. Sure, you can take the turkey in your hand luggage but you risk the Cranberry sauce being confiscated. It is regarded as a liquid and if the bottle size is more than 100ml it will be taken from you. Regarding the Camembert, that would be a no-go as it is a very soft cheese and deemed a liquid. So just buy it across the Channel instead – there’s plenty of it over there.

Incidentally, any jams, honeys and syrups will be regarded as liquids so remember the 100ml rule.

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