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Product Review: Alum Crystal Deodorant

This stick-shaped stone occurs naturally. There's no scent, doesn't stain clothes, it lasts ages, and IT WORKS!

by Sharron Livingston
Alum Stone

I love those hot, heady, summer days out. Walking in the sunshine, al fresco dining, by a pool. The only worry is how to stay fragrant throughout a long, hot day out.

It’s been an age-old worry for me. I’ve tried so many. Sometimes the deodorant has a scent I don’t like that worsens when mixed with body sweat. And other times, they simply don’t work. It’s like finding a needle in a haystack.

I am thrilled to say I found that needle: The Alum Crystal deodorant. This is a stick-shaped stone that occurs naturally. There’s no scent, doesn’t stain my clothes, it lasts ages, and IT WORKS!

The Alum Stone was originally used by the Ancient Egyptians way back in 1500 BC. Somehow along the way it has been forgotten and replaced by manufactured products. 

How does Alum Crystal Deodorant work?

The science bit: The Alum stone is a totally natural stone that contains astringent, antibacterial and hemostatic properties. Whereas some deodorants contain aluminium that contains negatively charged ions that are not absorbed by the skin, the stone contains potassium alum, a natural mineral, a salt that comes in the form of a white, translucent, odourless crystal.

The aluminium oxides and hydroxides it releases upon contact with the skin are chemically stable, do not react at this stage with the skin and cannot release aluminium, are not soluble and do not penetrate the skin. This means the skin can still breathe.

What these ingredients do is stop the growth of bacteria which is what causes you to smell. 

How to use it: Moisten with water and apply wherever you want to on your body. I have dabbled by adding an essential oil for a fragrance, but mostly I use it as it is.

How much £6 from NatureWiseLife 


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