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Restaurant Review: Little Kolkata, Covent Garden, London WC2

by Sharron Livingston
Little Kolkata
It is the creation of friends Prabir Chattopadhyay and Biswajit Deb Das both of whom hail from the north-east Indian city of Kolkata (you may know it as Calcutta).
They love the idea that they can serve their native Bengali cuisine – not just for others as their are so few restaurants that have serve these dishes – but for themselves too – it helps them with “homesickness”.


This is a casual dining destination that manages to offer two moods.
The entrance leads to a casual  and colourful segment with yellow button cushions on a burgundy backdrop matched with reds and lavender walls. To the left though it is more subdued in blacks and greys.
Little Kolkata

Casual dining at Little Kolkata

The Food

This is not about a curry and a side serving of pilau rice. This is Bengali street food served in a colourful tapas style in a small outlet.  
It’s a unique as dishes use plants that grow in that area and is influenced by Kolkata’s location s by the ganges and so it includes fish. They are one of the world’s biggest sugar producers, so there’s plenty of sugar based dishes and mustards.
Tapas style

Tapas at Old Kolkata

Per head: Around £20.
Verdict: The beauty of the unpretentious Little Kolkata somewhat tucked away in Covent Garden, is its ability to serve sumptuous Bengali food tapas style so you can mix and match flavours without breaking the bank.
Shelton Street, WC2H 9HJ, littlekolkata.co.uk

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