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The Travel Magazine reaches 2 million followers on Twitter

by Sharron Livingston

The online travel magazine www.thetravelmagazine.net is delighted to announce that it has seen its two millionth Twitter follower.

This is great news for a travel company that has honed the relationship between editorial and social media to create incredible engagement over the internet.

The venture started life in print in 2004 by award winning travel writer and publisher of The Channel Hoppers Guides, Sharron Livingston.

“It was a hobby in those days. I set up an office in my kitchen in Edgware and set about putting together travel articles intended to be read by friends and family” says Sharron. “I liked telling my travel stories”.

By 2006 now a glossy magazine The Travel Magazine had a 30,000 distribution and the endeavour caught the eye of digital marketing expert Martino Matijevic, founder of WhichBudget.com, who suggested the magazine would work well online.

Together the duo set up the magazine as an online portal and the first tweet was sent out on 18th January 2009 announcing that Heathrow gets a third runway.

“The Travel Magazine is still evolving” said Martino, “and our extensive social media offering has been extremely successful in a relatively short period of time.” He added “Twitter has changed the way we communicate – it’s no longer about simply reading articles but engaging with them before, during, and after publishing”.


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