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6 tips to getting a good night’s sleep on a long haul flight

by Sharron Livingston
sleeping on airplane

Travelling on a short haul flight is easy, you enjoy a coffee and a bun and you are off again with hardly any time to enjoy 40 winks.

But on a long haul flight, falling asleep in an economy seat is a luxury that for many of us is elusive. And that’s a shame because sleeping is the best way to prevent jet lag.

So here are six things to consider in order to maximise the chances of getting some shut-eye:


Get dressed for the occasion. Layers of comfortable, loose clothes is perfect so that you can take on or put on items as the temperature in the cabin fluctuates.


Get yourself a window seat so you can shut the blind and have something to lean on. Dropping off on an stranger’s shoulder may get you into trouble.


There are herbal remedies available that make you drowsy and promote a much more satisfying sleep than alcohol.

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There may be inflight entertainment but to be sure of hearing something you like, bring an MP3 player with headphones so that you can listen to your favourite music to relax you and to block out unwanted noise. Or, for total silence, invest in noise cancelling earphones.

Food & Drink

Drink lots of water so that you are hydrated, eat well so that hunger doesn’t keep you awake.


Invest in a good travel pillow. There are the standard doughnut pillows which are fine, but as your muscles relax you risk falling forward or to the side and end up waking up several times.

Bon voyage and sweet dreams!

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