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2 minute travel guide to Thailand

by The Travel Magazine

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Getting About

Thailand is a country located in South East Asia, famous for tropical beaches and astounding temples. When you arrive in the capital of Bangkok, spend a couple of days exploring the city. It is a contrast of bustling city landscape and a labyrinth of alleys crammed with fragrant street food. Khao San Road is a good first stop; its exciting nightlife and cheap accommodation make it the perfect place for both experienced and first time travellers.

Eating Out

The food is guaranteed to be amazing. Trying a traditional Thai Green Curry and a beautifully sweet Phad Thai is essential. If you’re feeling adventurous try Tom Yam or Sour Thai Soup, Som Tam and Khai Soi. An authentic dish of fresh mango and sticky coconut rice is also a breakfast staple.

History & Culture

Thailand has a rich culture where religion still plays a big part in everyday life and Buddhism is adhered to by over 90% of the population.


Southern islands such as Koh Phi Phi, Koh Tao and Koh Samui are famous for their beach parties and bars. Koh Phangan is host to the biggest Full Moon party, attracting up to 30,000 travellers at the height of the season. Aside from nightlife, Southern Thailand is also a hub for snorkelling, canoe cave exploring, rafting and scuba diving where spotting Reef Sharks, Leopard Sharks and Turtles is a common encounter.


A century ago, more than 100,000 elephants lived in Thailand. Now, there are about 5,000, with less than half of them wild. Make sure you research before visiting any Elephant parks. The Thai Elephant Conservation Centre is the only organization that is government-owned, located in Lampang, a province in Northern Thailand.


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