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Useful Phrases in Spanish

by The Travel Magazine
Palacio de Comunicaciones, Madrid

Millions of people are drawn to learning Spanish every year, not only for its usefulness in both business and world travel but also because of the rich culture of the many countries in which it is spoken. With so much diversity and all sharing a love of food, the arts, and a lust for life, it can be difficult to choose where to go, or at least, where to start.

    • Hello = Hola
    • Good morning = Buenos días
    • (It’s) A pleasure to meet you = (Es) Un placer conocerte
    • Which is the best tapas bar here? = ¿Cuál es el mejor bar de tapas aquí?
    • Do you like ceviche? = ¿Te gusta el ceviche?
    • Yes =
    • No = No
    • I love your accent = Me encanta tu accent
    • Thank you = Gracias
    • Could you bring me a beer please? = ¿Me puede traer una cerveza, por favor
    • Please = Por favor
    • Where is the nearest toilet please? = ¿Dónde está el baño más cercano, por favor?
    • Is it safe to swim at this beach? = ¿Es seguro nadar en esta playa?
    • Is there any nudist section at this beach? = ¿Hay alguna parte nudista en esta playa?
    • I’m having a great time! = ¡Me lo estoy pasando genial!
    • I don’t really like bull fighting = No me gustan mucho los toros
    • OK = Vale
    • Goodbye = Adiós
    • Good night = Buenas noches
    • See you soon! = ¡Hasta pronto!

Bonus Phrase:

What’s up? / ¿Qué tal? (Spain), ¿Qué onda? (Mexico), ¿Cómo andás? (Argentina), ¿Qué bola? (Cuba)

Top Tip: Spanish speaking countries can be very relaxed about the time they eat their meals. Don’t expect to go for lunch at 12pm or dinner at 6pm, embrace their despreocupado lifestyle and be like a local wherever you are!

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