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What Does it Mean to be a Business Traveller ?

Business traveller or bleisure travel?

by The Travel Magazine

To be a business traveller simply means to travel for business, but as the way businesses operate and interact with each other changes, the spectrum of what a business traveller is is becoming broader and accessible to a wider audience.

The sector is rapidly growing and becoming a core part of the wider travel industry, but as it evolves, who is considered a business traveller is evolving, too. It is also becoming more common for those who travel for work purposes to add on time for leisure, especially if they’re travelling to an exotic or holiday-like destination.

This is referred to as bleisure travel, and is separate from business travel in the sense that business travel entails coming straight back once the work has been completed, whereas bleisure travel does not.

Preparing for Business Travel with Émigré

When you’re travelling for business, it’s important that you present a polished, professional version of yourself. Émigré are experts in premium travel accessories. They supply a broad range of luxury travel bags and apparel, as well as must-have accessories that allow you to travel in style.

●     Luxury bags for business travellers

Émigré’s  range of quality business bags comprises a tote bag ideal for paperwork and important documents, a backpack for your everyday essentials, a briefcase for your laptop and electronic devices, and a Boston bag for your overnight belongings.

●     Business traveller accessories

From garment organisers and shoe bags to a travel organiser and a wash bag, Émigré’s premium range of travel accessories comprises everything you need to keep organised on your business trip.

●     Business travel apparel

Émigré’s brand new luxury apparel range is launching in Autumn 2022 and will provide you with the wardrobe essentials you need to look your best and still feel comfortable.

Émigré understands every intricacy of business travel and how important it is for you to be prepared and well-presented, no matter the purpose of your trip, or what type of business traveller you are. They are committed to providing you with only the best quality travel accessories that are luxurious, functional, and sustainable.

If you have questions about what they do and what they stand for, you can read more about them and their brand here.


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