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Israel - Tel Aviv - beach

COVID: Which destinations are protecting their populations and getting ready for tourism? 

Bloomberg is keeping track of the roll-out of vaccination programmes and estimates that 8.33 billion vaccine doses have already been ordered.
Airpot travellers

COVID: I am abroad, will I need to get a Covid-19 test to be able to return home?

Following the news about new coronavirus variants entering Britain from abroad, the UK government is putting into force a measure that insists everyone entering...
Covid test

COVID: Travellers to UK must show negative test result to enter

UK Transport Secretary Grant Shapps: 'We're trying to stop a new variant coming here'

To read, to see, per chance to dream – the power of travel inspiration

In a pandemic world where travel is at a standstill, where destinations are bereft of tourists, where airlines have had their wings clipped and...

Airbnb turns vigilante by targeting hate groups ahead of US presidential inauguration

Airbnb says customers with reservations in Washington DC found to be partaking in criminal activity will be permanently banned.

Q&A: What is the safest way to book a holiday?

It's a risky business when you act as your own travel agent. It is far safer to book with a travel agent. Here's why.
Palm Island, Dubai

COVID: Returning Dubai holidaymakers to the UK forced to quarantine

UK has removed the United Arab Emirates from its 'safe travel'
Bond Island Windmill

UK hideaways: escape to one of these delightful cottages in 2021

Bask in the glorious seclusion and tranquillity of one of these cosy cottages situated across England and Wales.
Beautiful bell tents

WIN a 2-night UK glamping getaway worth £3,950

One lucky winner will win a two-night glamping trip with up to 19 friends worth £3,950 with the newly launched Kymani Getaways.

Q&A BREXIT: Can British travellers still get free medical treatment in Europe?

The EHIC, is due to be replaced by the GHIC (UK Global Health Insurance Card). Reciprocal medical treatment with the EU27 continues as normal.

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