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Beyond Machu Picchu: 5 not-to-be- missed archaeological sites in Peru

Machu Picchu is Peru’s most well-known site many of the oldest and most significant archaeological sites are often overlooked in favour of the Inca Trail.
Medellin Cityscape

Exploring Medellin, Colombia by Bicycle

Until recently the most dangerous city in the world, Medellin is now safe and cycling is one of the best ways to see it.
Inca trail train

Q&A: Is there a train service from the centre of Cusco City to Machu Picchu and the Inca Trail?

Up to now it has been problematic when travelling to Machu Picchu. On a busy touring itinerary around Peru, lots of long days of...
Harbour in Mallorca

Charter a boat and sail to these 5 sunny sailing destinations

Bask in the sunshine onboard a luxurious yacht in one of these 5 fabulous sailing destinations, all of which can be booked through Boataffair.
Lost City Stonework

Hiking to the Lost City in Colombia

Nestling in the jungles of Colombia’s Sierra Nevada, the only way to reach the Ciudad Perdida, or Lost City, is a gruelling four day trek on foot.
Buenos Aires Tango Festival

Buenos Aires Tango Festival (Argentina, August 2019)

Visitors from all over the world will converge on Buenos Aires, capital of Argentina, and the world's Tango capital, from August 08 until August 21.
Drake Bay

Travel Guide to the Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica

Located on the southwestern coast of Costa Rica, the Osa Peninsula remains relatively untamed and is full of pristine beaches, lush rainforests and plenty of adventure activities.
The port town of Golfito in Costa Rica

Travel Guide to Costa Rica

Costa Rica is known for its happy combination of sunshine, beaches, rainforests and biodiversity. We reveal what you can expect from this lush Central American country.
Rio Carnival - costumed dancer

Rio Carnival (Rio de Janeiro, March 2019)

Rio Carnival is the world’s biggest carnival with over 2 million bodies dressed in outlandish sequins and feathers gyrating to the beat of 100,000 samba drums. It is a five-day extravaganza of colour, excess and festivity.
A guanaco crosses the road in Tierra del Fuegovideo

The Man at the End of the World – Tierra del Fuego, Chile

Filmed in the rugged and remote region of Tierra del Fuego, Chile, "The Man at the End of the World" explores the beauty and mystery of Tierra del Fuego through the eyes of one of its original pioneers, Don Germán.

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