Icelandair Prepare Stopover for a Flying Ovation

Icelandair Stopover Pass: A boarding pass that thinks it’s a gig ticket

Prepare for a Flying Ovation - the Icelandic airline has enrolled staff in stage school in a unique customer service initiative called Icelandair Stopover Pass.
Virgin Beach house in Barbados acts as a departure lounge

Virgin Holidays plans the world’s first beach airport lounge

The Departure Beach by Virgin Holidays means hanging around aimlessly on the last day of your Barbados holiday may be a thing of the past.
How does Brexit affect tourism?

How does Brexit affect tourism?

It has almost been a year since UK residents voted to leave the European Union, but just how has Brexit affected tourism?
cancelled flights

British Airways – IT failure caused 1000 flights to be cancelled

Thousands of passengers were left stranded at Heathrow and Gatwick airports after flights were grounded by an IT systems failure.
Emirates plane

Emirates sends ‘WTF’ email to passenger asking compensation

No, this is not a comedy sketch, Emirates customer services really did send a message to Claire Finch with the subject line “WTF”....
Rat Cafe opens in San Francisco

New opening: A rat cafe where you pay to eat with rodents – No...

A pop-up cafe in San Francisco is offering you the unusual experience of dining in their rat-infested eatery.
people sitting in airplane

Would you pay a fellow flyer not to recline their seat on a plane?

A study suggests that people should pay passengers behind them to recline their seats on planes.
macbook, ipad and iphone

Confused about the laptop ban? Your questions answered

The laptop ban: US & UK have their own versions; Australia may do it; Trump wants to expand it to Europe. And what constitutes a laptop anyway? Confused?
St Mark's Square, Venice

Mayor of Venice is cracking down on fast food and “kebab shops”

Kebab shops have to leave Venice because they interfere with the city's "decorum and traditions" and are stealing the romance and charm.
United Airlines Airbus A319-132

United flies Paris-bound passenger to San Francisco by accident

A passenger who boarded her United Airlines flight, from New York's airport, Newark, was heading for Paris but ended up in San Francisco.