WOW air aircraft

WOW Air launch £99 fare from London to New York

WOW Air is advertising fares from London to New York for £99 one way but that does not include hand and checked-in luggage or even the seat.
Cruise ship in Venice

Cruise ships to be banned from Venice within 4 years

Vessels weighing 100,000 tonnes or more diverted to the less glamorous industrial port of Marghera, far from the Grand Canal.
Emerald Maldives Resort & Spa

10 new hotel openings in the Maldives

A clutch of 10 new hotels will fling open their doors in Maldives, expanding its already well-established portfolio of luxury resorts.
Passenger screening at U.S. airport

Travellers flying to the US face security crack down and questioning

New security measures mandated by the Department of Homeland Security apply to anyone flying in to the United States from anywhere in the world.
TUI Destination U face recognition technologyvideo

TUI say they have the technology to predict your ideal holiday

TUI will use emotionally intelligent technology and facial coding to reveal the holiday that matches your subconscious and emotional needs.
cigarette budds

Thailand bans smoking on 20 of its beaches

Thailand is banning smoking on most of its beaches including top hotspot Phuket. Culprits could face a year’s imprisonment or a hefty fine.
Monarch Airlines aircraft

Israel to entice airlines to replace Monarch on Eilat route

Israel’s Ministry of Tourism promises airlines €45 per passenger if they replace Monarch Airlines’ flights to Eilat.
Monarch Airline

Monarch Airlines, the UK’s fifth largest airline, collapses

Monarch Airlines, UK's 5th biggest airline, goes bust cancelling 300,000 bookings while a repatriation of 110,000 holidaymakers is underway.
Miami Beach, Barbados

Caribbean islands post hurricane – holiday update

We take a look at how the Caribbean islands are coping after the devastation caused by hurricanes Irma and Maria.
Uber app

Uber is being banned in London

Uber has been told it won't have its operator licence renewed in London affecting the livelihood of 40,000 drivers and 3.5 million regular users.