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Camper Sharing – a great way to get on the road with a campervan, motorhome or caravan

Yescapa offers its Airbnb concept for camper sharing and its benefits.

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Have you ever considered a road trip holiday in a campervan, a caravan or a motorhome?

Some die-hards lovers of the open road have become so enamoured they have swapped traditional life to go full time into “Van Life” and become digital nomads.  That’s a little extreme, and for most of us, a few short breaks dotted throughout the year exploring destinations away from the tourist traps and enjoying outdoor life is just fine. 

It is addictive. For us, having our campervan parked in our driveway is a sight that triggers fantastic holiday memories while offering the promise of more fun times away from home.

Hire out your campervan

As we cannot be away all the time, there is, of course, downtime in between trips which means we can rent our campervan out and put the extra income towards our next holiday.

Campervan hire from locals

And there are plenty of people like us, which means that even if you don’t own one of these mini homes on wheels, it is easy to rent one from private owners like us, who, rather than keeping their vehicle grounded in between trips, can benefit from the extra income. So it’s a good match.

The camper-sharing platform Yescapa is the matchmaker that brings private owners and holidaymakers together while providing insurance for owners and renters and even breakdown cover.

Yescapa has around 12,500 vehicles in almost all of Europe: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Great Britain, Spain, Belgium, France, Portugal, Italy and this Europewide offering means you have a choice of destination.

If you are a newbie to this type of holiday, you can think of this as an AirBnB service but for homes on wheels.

Why a “Van Life” holiday is a good choice

“Van Life” travel makes getting away from the madding crowds easy and reaching places that are otherwise easy to miss when tied to a hotel, then moving on when the mood takes.

Shelly Del from Winchester has hired a caravan a few times over the years for herself and her family said:

I didn’t want to make a big investment to buy one but still wanted the experience. Luckily it’s easy to rent a vehicle. It’s all about the freedom and the spontaneity. A case of get-up and go as the mood takes making up the itinerary as you go along. I feel more like a traveller than a tourist. 

Garry Philips from North London  said

I love the outdoors. First I took my family camping in Western Ireland and Scotland then returned to both those destinations with a hired campervan. It was infinitely more comfortable. And dryer. 

Ellen Manning, from Warwickshire, loves being outdoors and was previously a keen ‘tent camper’ and later got the campervan for the “amazing freedom, affordable breaks”. She said:

It’s allowed us to explore the UK and Europe, accessing places we would never have seen otherwise.


Motorhome parked by beautiful scenery ©Yescapa

Often, camper-van parking spots are located by mountains or along a seafront. That means you could be sleeping under the stars and perhaps waking up to fantastic sea views.

It is, for sure, the freest way to travel, where you can befriend like-minded others from the camper community, a friendly lot who love to share their tips. Others prefer the blessed isolation and the escape from a busy life while still surrounded by the comforts of home.

Another bonus is that you are completely autonomous. Depending on the vehicle’s equipment, even when campsites or restaurants are closed, you can cook up a meal any time of day or night.

The only thing you need to concern yourself with is the camping site regulations and wild camping laws in the respective country.

Tempted? Then check out Yescapa and the sheer variety of vehicles at your fingertips. Finally, you pick up the vehicle directly from the owner, either from your home country or abroad and together, you sort out the paperwork.

What Yescapa offers: 

  • Defender with rooftop tent. @Yescapa

    Europe’s largest camper sharing platform

  • Yescapa provides both parties with a comprehensive insurance cover: they are tailor-made with our insurance partners. Their self-drive hire policies cover the owner’s vehicle and its occupants for every hire in the UK or abroad, including 24-hour breakdown cover.
  • In addition, Yescapa’s nine-language team accompanies users in the event of damage claims and manages the process from A to Z.
  • Many different vehicle types are available: From classic motorhomes to self-built vans to off-road vehicles (Defenders, etc.) with a roof tent.

For more information on renting out or hiring your campervan or motorhome, visit Yescapa.

  • Disclaimer: This article is sponsored by Yescapa camper sharing platform

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