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Free health advice for parents of young children on holiday

by Sharron Livingston
immunization of children in doctors office

A UK baby and toddler friendly holiday company is providing parents with free access to healthcare advice while they are overseas – a first in the travel industry.

Tots To Travel, who specialise in holidays for young family have responded to clients worries about what to do if their little one became unwell whilst overseas on holiday. The company are offering clients access to healthcare advice for the duration of their holiday.

The partnership with WellVine, the UK’s first on-demand children’s healthcare service, gives Tots To Travel customers free access to a network of health professionals that have specific expertise in subjects from breastfeeding, sleeping to nutrition.

WellVine health professionals can help parents deal with holiday health issues such as: fever, heatstroke, colds, coughs, insect bites, rashes, allergies and ear infections.

Wendy Shand, Founding Director at Tots To Travel commented:

Knowing what to do if your little one gets sick while you are on holiday can be a really worrying and stressful experience, especially when you don’t speak the language. We have been working hard to address this and hope to raise the bar within the sector so the issue of free access to health advice becomes the norm in what parents can expect when booking an overseas holiday.


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