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Weather-Fi: a Wi Fi that only works when it rains

by Sharron Livingston
Kungsleden trail

Modern life revolves around staying connected. So it can be frustrating when trekking in the wilds when there is no reception.

So, Swedish outdoor brand Haglöfs is offering trekkers on the northern Swedish trail, Kungsleden, in the middle of the Swedish wilderness, free Wi-Fi. But there’s a catch – it only works when it rains.

The weather in Northern Sweden can get pretty rough, as can the terrain, and so a good Wi-Fi connection offers a sense of security. To this end Wi-Fi has been placed  along the rail and gives trekkers the opportunity to go online in places where there normally is no connectivity at all.

“With this initiative, we hope to make people’s outdoor experiences even more enjoyable, even when it’s pouring down”, says Peter Fabrin, CEO at Haglöfs.

The Wi-Fi connection is driven by solar panels, and is linked to a local weather station acting as an on and off switch. The worse the downpour, the better the signal.


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