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Luggage Review: Gate8 Tri-Fold Garment Mate

Gate8 Tri-Fold Garment Mate, lightweight with detachable laptop case.

by Martino Matijevic
GATE8 Tri-Fold Garment MATE carry on bag

I am sure you have all experienced the stress of packing. As a frequent business traveller I often have the same dilemma: try and stuff as much as I can into the standard-size hand luggage or having to check in a large bag.

That was until I came across Gate8 Garment Mate, a lightweight, folding bag with a detachable laptop case.

The bag measures 53 x 36 x 15 cm, which is the standard hand luggage size. It weighs just 3.1 kg, so with most airlines allowing 10 kg hand luggage, I have 6.9 kg left, more then enough for a suit, couple of shirts, pair of shoes and a laptop. It costs £149, but you can see this is quality: made of premium ballistic polyester, with super strong YKK zips and a lifetime warranty.

As I unfolded the three parts of the main case, I found a multitude of pockets – for all my ties, socks, underwear and accessories – and even a dedicated pocket for a pair of shoes.

GATE8 Crease Free capacity for clothes for 1-3 day

The main compartment can efficiently take up to two suits or 5 shirts and keep them crease free. There was also one little clever add on, hidden in one of the zipped pockets: a detachable hook, so you can hang the case directly into your hotel wardrobe without having to unpack everything.

I especially liked the detachable “zip-away” laptop case. It means I can leave the main bag at the hotel and take just the laptop with me for the meeting.

In my opinion, this is a very clever piece of business luggage.

Price: £149.00 & FREE Delivery in the UK – CLICK HERE TO BUY

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