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Keep up to date with the latest Covid-19 related travel news.


COVID: Indian Covid variant scuppers plans to expand the green list

Boris Johnson announced that it is unlikely that the green list will be expanded.

Greece: NHS paper card is all that’s needed for proof of vaccination

Greece is willing to accept the NHS card as evidence of innoculation but Portugal deems the card to at risk of forgery.

100 fake Covid tests are discovered every day by border officials

UK border staff discover 100 fake Covid test certificates every day

COVID: Holidaymakers to be slapped with a hefty £5,000 fine

The increased fine is a reflection of the increased risk of holidaying abroad.
Istanbul Cathedral, Turkey

Turkey: British holidaymakers are welcome without vaccinations

Turkey is scrapping the need for evidence of vaccination and probably the need for a PCR test.

Travellers Must Complete an Exit Permit to Leave England or be Fined £200

Police patrols at ports and airports have the right to view the three-page document from Monday 8

Airbnb hosts still ignoring travel ban to let out holiday homes

While the nation is in lockdown booking sites and holidaymakers are still deviously flouting the rules

Grant Shapps: “Don’t book a holiday for something which at this stage is illegal.”

Grant Shapps confused listeners with this statement. We explain what it actually means.

Greece and Israel lead the way to free access for vaccinated tourists

Could this initiative mean other countries will follow suit and open up the gateway to holidays and travel?

Covid Quarantine Hotels: Travellers must self-isolate before going home UPDATE

Travellers arriving back into the UK from Red List countries must prebook into ‘quarantine hotels’, from 15th February 2021

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