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Keep up to date with the latest Covid-19 related travel news.

Boots’ 12-minute Covid-19 test will be available in-store within weeks

The Boots' 12-minute test will is not accepted as proof by most countries.

Airport testing for Covid-19 could be rolled out at UK airports

The government to outline a test-and-quarantine programme at UK airports in the coming days as the list of quarantine-free travel options diminishes.
Barbados beach

Tunisia and Barbados add UK to high risk Covid list

No entry for Brits into Tunisia while Brits entering Barbados must quarantine as both countries put the UK on the COVID 'red' list
Covid safe

Can you stay COVID safe when you fly?

How do you stay safe. Here are some common-sense tips and a bit of myth-busting thrown in.
COVID-19 map

Want to check which countries have COVID-19 spikes?

This interactive map allows you to check whether countries are experiencing COVID-19 spikes and reinstating restriction measures

Travel in the COVID world – is there a way to stay on the move?

John and Tara Newby bought a van, converted it into a place they could eat and sleep, and set off in search of adventure.
Virgin Atlantic aircraft

Virgin Atlantic offers free COVID-19 insurance

Virgin Atlantic customers will get free COVID-19 insurance cover on all new and existing bookings.

Why getting a refund for your holiday is so hard amid the coronavirus pandemic

Holidaymakers are entitled to a refund for their cancelled holiday. - no question. But let's give cash-strapped travel agents some breathing space.

World Health Organisation (WHO) announces Covid is airborne. How to stay safe

The World Health Organization (WHO) made a shocking announcement on the possibility of COVID-19 airborne transmission.
Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin, Tashkent, Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan re-opens for tourism with a $3,000 COVID-free guarantee

Uzbekistan has launched the “Uzbekistan: Safe Travel Guaranteed” campaign backed with a $3000 payment if you contract COVID-19 during your stay.

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