Holiday Brolly

A holiday umbrella mimics holiday sun and releases an aroma when opened

Experts have invented a unique high-tech umbrella which enables holidaymakers to enjoy the glow from their sunshine break long after they get home.
British Airways tails

UK Budget 2018: Air Passenger Duty rises in 2020

Air Passenger Duty will increase for long-haul flights from April 2020 by £2 for economy and by £4 for those travelling in premium.
Racist attack on elderly black woman on Ryanair

Almost 300,000 sign petition for Ryanair to compensate passenger who suffered racial abuse  

Ryanair should apologise and compensate Delsie Gayle for failing to respond to racist abuse during a flight.
Racist attack on elderly black woman on Ryanair

Ryanair responds to racist attack incident

Ryanair issues statement defending itself over how it handled racist abuse row on a recent flight from Barcelona to London.

British Airways and Kidzania want kids to check out a career in flying

So far, 125,000 children have taken the controls of an aircraft at the British Airways Aviation Academy.
Racist attack on elderly black woman on Ryanairvideo

An elderly and disabled woman suffers racist attack on a Ryanair flight

An elderly and disabled woman was racially abused by a fellow passenger on a Ryanair flight who called her an “ugly black bastard”.
Primera Air

Primera Air collapses leaving thousands stranded with no chance of compensation

Primera Air has ceased operations, affecting thousands of passengers. Flights were grounded and passengers have been told not to go to the airport on Tuesday.
Route 66

USA has the most instagram-worthy route in the world

A survey has combined hashtags to create an interactive map that highlights the most popular road trips and pit stops around the world according to Instagram.
Tel Aviv Eurovisionvideo

Tel Aviv will host the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest

The 64th Eurovision Song Contest, will be held in Israel's beachfront city of Tel Aviv next year, with the grand finale event to be held on May 18.

Writing a fake review on TripAdvisor could lead to a jail sentance

A groundbreaking landmark ruling in Italy sees an internet fraudster sentenced to prison for false reviews on TripAdvisor.

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