London phone box

UK’s rudest and most welcoming cities revealed

In which UK city residents regularly forget to say thank you, and more than half fail to smile at passers-by? Research of 4,000 Brits reveals.
woman with a laptop

Women decide when it comes to choosing holidays

Research shows that one in four wives and girlfriends take sole responsibility for choosing the next holiday.
Persian Gulf

Iran warns Airlines: It is the Persian Gulf not Arabian

Iran has threatened to ban airlines from using its airspace if they refer to the Gulf between Iran and Arab states as Arabian instead of Persian.

The average 7 day holiday in fact stretches out to 15 days

Research reveals the average time spent preparing for 7 days abroad and winding down once home from the holiday.
Airport Border Control

Most ridiculous things people have tried to smuggle through customs

From snakes in bras to drugs in sex toys, the things people try to smuggle through airport custom control are as ridiculous as they are varied.

X-Ray Scanner to replace body search at UK airports

A body scanner has been introduced at Manchester airport to speed up travellers' passage through security. Using the machine means that passengers will no longer have to take off their coats, shoes and belts.
Royal Caribbean: Harmony of the Seas

Brits don’t tip on cruises says Royal Caribbean cruise line

Royal Caribbean cruise line is evaluating on-board tipping arrangements because British passengers are put off by having to pay gratuities to staff.
foreign currency

Currency exchange – avoid getting ripped off at the airport

Leaving your currency exchange till you get to the airport could cost you dearly.

Jane Austen Festival in Bath

The Jane Austen Festival will be making its annual return to the city of Bath this September to celebrate the popular author’s writing, life in Bath and all things Regency.
British Airways tails

World Travel & Tourism Council: APD should be scrapped

The World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) says the revised UK Airport Departure Tax will discourage long-haul travel.

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