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Q&A: What should I do if I have lost or found property on holiday?

by Lucy Woods
Lost & Found

Travelling can be stressful enough without the added headache of misplacing your property. If you have travel insurance you may be able to make a claim, but when the item has sentimental value or another compelling reason, recovering the item may be preferable.

If you have found some lost property and wondering what to do with it – i.e. hand it in at the local police station or ask around – it’s worth checking the MissingX lost and found cloud-based platform. It is the largest in the world and to date has recovered 1.6 million items for the owners.

MissingX is free to use and easy to register lost property or to check if yours has been handed in virtually (they don’t actually store the items themselves).

Ole-Ray Grodset CEO of MissingX, said:

In that moment of panic we all feel when we lose something, we offer a helping hand that can lead you directly to your property. We want to provide the largest and most efficient service which delivers the best possible service to our clients and customers getting as close to 100% return rate as possible.

The service is free for both police and members of the public to search, register, claim and report lost or found property.


How MissingX works

If you have lost property your first point of call should be to register the item on the MissingX website. Just click on the red “Lost Something” button and follow the steps to register your lost item.

The more details you can record about the item (from the colour and make to the serial number), the higher the likelihood of getting a match and verifying you are the rightful owner. If you think you have left it on a plane or a train, you can include details like your seat number or flight number or train time.

You can also perform a quick search to check if anyone has registered your item as found, and offer a reward to other MissingX users for its successful return.

The system is designed for police and insurers to correctly identify you as the owner. You will be asked to prove the item is yours by uploading photos and describing the item or its contents in detail.

If you want to improve your chances of recovering lost property, you can also register items in advance (from £9.99 per year for 5 items).

Don’t forget: if you lose anything valuable while travelling, make sure you contact your travel insurer. If you suspect the item has been stolen, you may wish to report it to the police (especially if it is a high worth item like an engagement ring). Be sure to get a crime number as your travel insurance company will want to see this.

Register property you have found

If you come across a seemingly abandoned item, the first thing to do ask around. Or hand it into a police station or a lost and found desk if at a train station, airport or music festival for example.

Alternatively record it on MissingX website by clicking on the black “Found Something” button. Fill in the details and the system will automatically check if a similar item has been registered as lost. If not, you can register the item and you will be notified as soon as it has been claimed.

Some users offer rewards for returned items, so keep an eye out for this as well.

Disclaimer: this article was sponsored by MissingX

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