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Taumeasina Island Resort, Samoa

Hotel Review: Taumeasina Island Resort, Samoa

Taumeasina Island Resort offers breath-taking views of the Pacific Ocean and a scenic backdrop featuring the mountains of Upolu. Romance is certainly in the air.
Saletoga Sands Resort, Samoa

Hotel Review: Saletoga Sands Resort, Samoa

Honeymooners and those of you with romance in your heart, how do you fancy falling out of bed straight on to the white sand? At Saletoga Sands Resort in Samoa you can.
Samoa palm trees and beach

7 things to see and do in Samoa

Just five hours from Australia's east coast and across the Pacific lies Samoa. Consisting of 10 islands of which only four are inhabited, Samoa forms the heart of Polynesia with time honoured customs that are still an integral part of everyday life.
Samoa Air

Samoa Air, the first airline to charge passengers by weight

Samoa Air say they are keeping airfares fair by charging passengers only for what they weigh. Some may find they end up paying far less than the standard air fair, some far more.

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