Shavemate – the ultimate 6 blade razor ideal for travel

Enjoy the unique shaving experience with Shavemate, the only 6 blade razor with shaving cream built into the handle.

Shavemate - The Ultimate 6 blade razor ideal for Travel

Forget your shaving cream just travel anywhere with your SHAVEMATE TITAN or DIVA, the only 6 blade razor in the world with its handle filled with rich, thick shaving cream.

This is the Ultimate All-In-One MUST HAVE perfect travel companion. Each razor contains enough rich, thick shaving cream to last at least 10-14 days depending on how much you use. With 6 Precision, Premium coated online STAINLESS STEEL BLADES with Flexneck technology, SHAVEMATE will give you a great, smooth, close shave every time. The AQUA FLOW blade rinse will also keep your blades clean.


You know it makes sense. WHY BUY ANYTHING ELSE!

Our Marketing Director tested the Titan razor. Here’s what he thought: