Scenic Gem on the Seine

River cruise along the Seine with Scenic Gem

There are plenty of river cruises in Europe but one that gets overlooked is the river cruise along The Seine. And that's a shame because these waterways pass all the way from Paris through rural Normandy and the Channel taking in chateaux, city scenes, gardens and grand riverside cliffs.
eurostar train in kings cross station london

Eurostar trains cancelled today and tomorrow as French railway workers strike with more action for the next 3 months

Misery for train passengers to and through France for the next two days as French railway workers go on strike.
Promenade des Anglais, Nice, France

Car Hire in Nice, France with Hertz

Whether you're visiting to enjoy the beaches of southern France, trek into the mountains or are in the city on business, you can easily book your car hire in Nice through Hertz.
Toulouse panorama

Travel Guide to Toulouse, France (what is there to see and do)

Hot on the heels of Paris, Marseille and Bordeaux who typically take all the attention from the mass crowds, is the city of Toulouse. Get there before the crowds do.
Perfect Tonic in Bordeaux

The Perfect Tonic holiday in Bordeaux (6-13 June 2018)

Fancy a fantastic holiday retreat at a wonderful French Retreat near Bordeaux. 6-13 June.
Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald in Provence and on the Riviera

Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald in Provence and on the Riviera

Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald enjoy a unique and passionate relationship with Provence and the Riviera between 1924 and 1929.
Valensole plateau by Coralie

Valensole plateau

Valensole plateau is situated in the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence in the south of France and is also known as the Lavender Country.
Bird's eye view of Dunkirk

Dunkirk, France: in the footsteps of its military history

The much overlooked French port, Dunkirk, has been thrown into the limelight thanks to Christopher Nolan's recently released film of the same name.
Aerobatic Glider flight in Fayence Tourrettesvideo

Aerobatic glider flight in Fayence-Tourrettes

View Fayence and Tourrettes as you fly above them, while getting the exhilarating experience as you loop in an aerobatic glider flight.
Tour de France

On the Road: The Tour de France

The Tour de France is open only to professional cyclists, but that’s not to say that you can’t get a taste of the action on your own bike tour.