Characterstic whale flukes of a sperm whale

Top 10 things to see and do in Northern Norway: Vesteralen and Lofoten

The districts of Vesteralen and Lofoten in Northern Norway offer dramatic landscapes, fantastic hiking opportunities, wildlife safaris and a myriad of cultural experiences.
Norway Winter Scenery videovideo

Norway Winter Landscape

Discover Norway in the winter through this short video exploring iconic scenery, Northern Lights, lakes, mountains and cities!
Hikers Descending

Fjords of Norway Guided Walking Holiday

Most people visit Norway from the comfort of cruise ships but Rupert fancied seeing it from the land so he joined a Fjords of Norway guided walking trip.
Atlantic HIghway

Norway: 680-mile road trip from Stavanger to Trondheim in 2 days

I took to the roads behind the wheel of a Mazda-CX3 on a mad-cap adventure chasing Norway's midnight sun over bridges, through tunnels and via ferries.
Downtown Oslo, Norway

Norway: Exploring Oslo’s art scene

Norway's much overlooked seafront capital of Oslo has a growing art scene worth exploring.
Trondenes Church in Harstad, Norway

Norway: A tour of Harstad (and the Northern Lights)

Harstad is a picturesque town with numerous islands and islets, but we were here in the hope of seeing nature's light show, the Northern Lights.
View of Oslo harbour area next to Aker Brygge

From Oslo to Bergen, and the spectacular scenery in between

The spectacular journey from Oslo to Bergen encapsulates snow-capped mountains, glaciers and elongated fjords, and amazing cities at either end.

2 minute travel guide to Spitsbergen, Norway

The stunning arctic scenery and wildlife of Spitsbergen make it the crown of Arctic Norway.
Stavanger Skagenkaien street by night

48 hours in Stavanger, Norway

Stavanger is fast becoming something of a mecca for adventure travel enthusiasts keen to experience nature at its most raw.
Envago Northern Lights. Norway

Northern Lights in Norway: the greatest light show on Earth

Norway has the highest density of Northern Lights anywhere in the world and the best time to see them is between October and March.