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2015 Travel Photographer of the Year

by The Travel Magazine
TPOTY 2015 Young Travel Photographer of the Year 2015


Overall Winner


(c) Marsel van Oosten/tpoty.com

Atlantic Ocean, Walvis Bay, Namibia – Great white pelican investigates the camera with its beak, photographed from a ship on the Atlantic Ocean near Walvis Bay.

Marsel van Oosten (Netherlands)

Marsel van Oosten has been confirmed as the overall winner of the 2015 international Travel Photographer of the Year awards (TPOTY). The Dutch photographer beat entrants from over 110 countries to scoop the top prize and the title of Travel Photographer of the Year 2015.

Young Travel Photographer of the Year 2015

TPOTY 2015 Young Travel Photographer of the Year 2015

(c) Chase Guttman/tpoty.com

Semonkong, Lesotho – The Basuto people wear traditional blankets for village ceremonies and family milestones.

Chase Guttman, USA (age 18)

Young TPOTY 15-18

TPOTY 2015 Young TPOTY 15-18

(c) Spencer Cox/tpoty.com

Jökulsárlón beach, Iceland

Spencer Cox, USA (age 18)

Young TPOTY 14 and under

TPOTY 2015 Young TPOTY 14 and under

(c) Michael Theodric/tpoty.com

Boen San Bio Temple, Tangerang, Indonesia – Burning a paper statue during the Hungry Ghost Festival.

Michael Theodric, Indonesia (age 13)

Faces, People, Encounters

Romanian sheep herder

(c) Mitchell Kanashkevich/tpoty.com

Maramures, Romania – Sheep herder above his village.

Mitchell Kanashkevich (Australia)


TPOTY 2015 Monochromal

(c) Xia Xuejun/tpoty.com

Hubei, China – Boat tracking, towing boats by human power, was once the norm in this region. Today it is more of a tourist attraction.

Xia Xuejun (China)

Nature & Environment

TPOTY 2015 Nature & Environment

(c) James Morgan/tpoty.com

Yakutia, Russia – Hunter holds up the head of the wolf he has just shot dead.

James Morgan (UK)

A Moment in Light

TPOTY 2015 A Moment in Light

(c) Uli Kunz/tpoty.com

Heligoland, North Sea – Jumping man casts a long shadow on the tunnel walls.

Uli Kunz (Germany)

Colours of the World

TPOTY 2015 Colours of the World

(c) Larry Louie/tpoty.com

Tibetan Tagong grasslands, Sichuan, China – Tibetan prayer flags.

Larry Louie (Canada)

iCaptured (mobile phone category)

TPOTY 2015 iCaptured (mobile phone category)

(c) Edgard de Bono/tpoty.com

Benin City, Nigeria

Edgard de Bono (Italy)

New Talent: Street Culture

TPOTY 2015 New Talent: Street Culture

(c) Zhu Jingyi/tpoty.com

Jiangsu, China – Blacksmith

Zhu Jingyi (China)


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