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TRAVEL ALERT: Daytrippers to Venice must pay €5 to visit.

The Venice tourist fee reservation system is now live and if you visiting for the day, you will have to pay a fee.

by Sharron Livingston

The ancient Italian city of Venice’s magnificent harbour-side St Mark’s Square, quaint bridges, broodingly romantic canals, and tall, colourful waterside buildings are gorgeous. So it’s not surprising the city attracts tourists. Around 30 million a year with 21 million only visiting for the day. At peak tourism times the sheer numbers of people can be oppressive. 

This led UNESCO to warn that the city’s “status as a World Heritage property is in jeopardy”.

Last November Venice authorities unveiled a pilot program for their long-mooted plan to charge day-trippers to visit the city to discourage visitors at peak times. Now it is going ahead

Starting 25 April 2024, visitors pay €5 (£4.25) to access the city between 8.30am and 4pm on key days in spring and summer.

The Venice Access Fee, becomes payable on 29 peak dates of the year from 25 April to 5 May and on weekends in May, June and July, from 8:30am to 4pm, excluding access to the islands. Once paid the system issues a QR code which you will need on your smartphone or printed out to pass through entry points.

Why has Venice introduced a tourist tax?

In 2023 the city of  Venice narrowly escaped being placed on UNESCO’s danger list because of the damage from overtourism on its delicate ecosystem. The mayor of Venice Luigi Brugnaro insists that this is not a money-making scheme, but a serious attempt to tackle overtourism and regulate the flow of tourism.

At a news conference, the mayor said : “Our attempt is to make a more livable city”. 

For more information about applicable dates and to pay the €5 fee, visit their reservation platform.

Are there any exemptions?

You won’t have to pay if you are a resident, Venetian-born, a student, under 14, on a school trip or you work there. Those staying overnight are exempt since the hotel bill will already include a Venice lodging fee.


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