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Flights between Britain and Sharm el Sheikh banned

by Sharron Livingston
Naama Bay, Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt

Last weekend a Russian Metrojet flight departing from Sharm el Sheikh airport in Egypt crashed in the Sinai desert.

Fearing that the plane was brought down by a bomb, the UK government has banned all flights between the United Kingdom and Sharm el-Sheikh airport.

RAF teams have been dispatched to review the security measures.

Speaking on Wednesday, Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond said:

“We have concluded there was a significant possibility that that crash was caused by an explosive device on board the aircraft.”

All 224 passengers on board The Metrojet A321 aircraft bound for St Petersburg have died.

There are about 20,000 British nationals currently living or holidaying in the popular Red Sea resort destination and plans are being made to bring them back to Britain.

Philip Hammond said British authorities were working with their Egyptian counterparts and the airlines to introduce emergency measures to bring British tourists safely and securely back to the UK.

He told Sky News:

“We’re working with the airlines and the Egyptian authorities now to put in place emergency short-term measures that will allow us to safely bring back the British tourists who are there in Sharm.”

The FCO has also advised against all but essential travel through Sharm el-Sheikh airport.


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