How a lick of paint turned the slums of Kampung Pelangi, Indonesia into an Instagrammers hot spot

Kampung Pelangi
Kampung Pelangi

You often see the word “bright and colourful” used to describe a restaurant or town but one tiny Indonesian village IS colourful – literally.

The Indonesian government has invested $22,467 to give a face lift to this ramshackled village and used the money to paint 252 slum houses with remarkable effect. It’s now a display of bright colours and whimsical designs.

This glorious idea is the brainchild of 54-year-old junior high principal Slamet Widodo who made this happen for the Central Java community in a southern district of Semarang. Visitors can now enjoy creative murals on walls, even those of narrow passageways bringing a eyeful of joy to any onlooker.

Dubbed the “Rainbow Village” Kampung Pelangi is enjoying the global limelight like never before with tourists adding a detour to their trip just to take pictures.

Local souvenir and food businesses are enjoying a windfall in sales according to the Indonesian Builders Association. 

Expect streams of images to appear on your Instagram feed.