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Restaurant Review: KGK – Korean Grill Restaurant, South Kensington, London

Newly opened KGK - Korean Grill Restaurant offers an exciting Korean Barbeque Omakase experience.

by Sharron Livingston
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The approach on Courtfield Road to KGK Korean Grill restaurant on Courtfield Road is a little otherwordly.  The entrance, flanked by two imposing lionesque statues, heralds in a Korean ambiance and an interactive dining affair.

The Korean Grill Restaurant is probably the only one to offer Korean Omakase dining in London. Omakase translates to “It’s up to you”. After the set meal arrives how you put it all together is, indeed, up to you.

The main event is the tabletop BBQ – but without the smoke.


The restaurant looks great with its atmospheric lighting throwing a calming hue over white cushioned banquettes and white and green upholstered chairs. White walls, dark floors, marble effect tables, and interesting artwork set a pleasant scene.

KGK restaurant

KGK restaurant

The Food

An amuse bouche of Yangban Sang Cha Lim – tomato and grape arrives offering a tangy palate cleanser. Soon after, this was followed by various appetisers compiled by the chef. This included the highly flavoursome Japchae noodles marinated with soya and sesame oil, potato pancakes, and several other vegetables and highly herbed small plates called namul.

Then the main course arrived with Sot bab,  a bowl of rice cooked in a clay pot. KGK King Kalbi short rib beef – the signature dish – marinated in their signature sauce ready to be put on the bbq. The grill was turned on and greased. Then the meat and vegetables placed onto those hot red rings and cooked.

The staff were keen to cook the meat for me, but you know how it is with bbqing, the DIY instinct kicks in.

Insisting on DIY table top cooking at KGK Korean restaurant

Insisting on DIY table top cooking at KGK Korean restaurant

So the optimum way to cook is to char one side and then flip to char the other side. Once the meat was cooked we cut the meat into small pieces with the scissors they provided and then added generous slivers of meat and roasted vegetables to Ssam – lettuce and perilla leaves – added sauce, kimchi, and rolled. Sauces were added to taste, a little rice, and just we just ate.

We downed with either a shot of the grape-based Jinro Soju and the wheat and potato-based Cham Yi Sul, both clear spirits, and started the process again.

Dessert was a couple of scoops of delicious homemade roasted soya bean ice cream served with biscuits. A fine end to an interesting meal.

VERDICT: The experience is novel and the food is well-presented, flavorsome, colourful, and tasty. Get here with some friends and enjoy an interactive eating experience food can be compiled as you like it.


You can check out the menu here.

KGK – Korean Grill Kensington
Courtfield Road, London SW7 4LH

The evening menu A La Carte comes in at around £65.00




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