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Spain Holidays: The Canary Islands agree to rapid Covid-19 antigen test for holidaymakers

UK tourists will now be allowed to enter the Canary Islands if they take a rapid Covid-19 antigen test instead of the more expensive and lengthy PCR test.
Corona virus passport stamp

Could a Covid-19 vaccine stamp in passports become the new reality for travellers?

There are rumours that travellers who have had the Covid vaccine could have a stamp in their passport to enable them to travel freely.
Qantas A380 flying over Sydney Harbor

Qantas say international flyers must have a Covid-19 vaccine – no jab, no fly

The Qantas ban has infuriated travellers who do not wish to get immunised while others back the airline's 'no jab, no fly' policy.

Quarantine for arrivals into the UK to be cut to 5 days if a private covid test is negative

The private Covid-19 test must be administered by approved laboratories.

Q&A: What is the difference between a Covid PCR test and a LAMP test for coronavirus?

Testing for coronavirus is on everyone's mind right now. But what's the difference between the two most readily available tests?
South Africa

Q&A: When will South Africa’s borders reopen?

Finally, South Africa's borders are reopening for all countries including Britain.
Sofitel room

Sofitel Heathrow Terminal 5 hotel offer ‘Test & Rest’ package for COVID

Take a self-administered COVID test during your stay from £179
Winter holiday accident

Q&A: Can I get travel insurance to cover me for ski and Covid if I travel against FCO advice?

Getting travel insurance for a ski holiday and Covid when you travel against FCO advice can be tricky but not impossible.

Boots’ 12-minute Covid-19 test will be available in-store within weeks

The Boots' 12-minute test will is not accepted as proof by most countries.

Airport testing for Covid-19 could be rolled out at UK airports

The government to outline a test-and-quarantine programme at UK airports in the coming days as the list of quarantine-free travel options diminishes.

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