Aruba Caribbean

UK’s Air Passenger Duty to be lowered on some flights

Holiday-makers will see a reduction in air fares to the Caribbean thanks to lower Air Passenger Duty rates.

What happened to this cruise ship is amazing! Watch the video

What do you do if the cruise ship you just bought is too short? You split it in half and add an extra 30 meters!
Facts That Will Make You Want To Travel (More)video

8 Reasons To Encourage You To Travel

Do you need an excuse to travel? Here are eight reasons that will make you want to travel (more).
Rabat, Morocco

Morocco to impose tourist tax from April 2014

Holiday makers will have to pay Morocco tourist tax when flying out of the country.

hub by Premier Inn: a new app-controlled, high-tech, budget hotel

Premier Inn, a budget hotel group, is launching an even more budget brand where guests control everything from their own mobile phone.
smartphone CAFNR app

Mobile roaming charges within the EU drop by 36%

From 1st July, mobile internet roaming charges within the European Union are slashed by a third.
toothbrushes and toothpaste

Survey says it’s common to forget to pack our toothbrush

Have you forgotten your toothbrush or other essential item when dashing off on holiday? You are not alone.
EHIC European Health Insurance Card

Spain may be sued for rejection of EHIC

European holiday-makers are entitled to the same level of health care as the locals while holidaying in the EU. Some Spanish hospitals don't think so.
Dita Von Teese and Sir Richard Branson

5 Virgin aviation stunts by Sir Richard Branson

Sir Richard Branson has pulled some crazy publicity stunts in the past to showcase the Virgin Brand. We look at how he has spiced up the passenger flying experience and made aviation fun.
hotel toiletries

Hotel honesty: are you guilty of pilfering more than just toiletries?

In a recent survey, travellers admitted to taking more from their hotel room than a bar of soap. Are we just taking what is rightfully ours?

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