EHIC European Health Insurance Card

Spain may be sued for rejection of EHIC

European holiday-makers are entitled to the same level of health care as the locals while holidaying in the EU. Some Spanish hospitals don't think so.
Dita Von Teese and Sir Richard Branson

5 Virgin aviation stunts by Sir Richard Branson

Sir Richard Branson has pulled some crazy publicity stunts in the past to showcase the Virgin Brand. We look at how he has spiced up the passenger flying experience and made aviation fun.
hotel toiletries

Hotel honesty: are you guilty of pilfering more than just toiletries?

In a recent survey, travellers admitted to taking more from their hotel room than a bar of soap. Are we just taking what is rightfully ours?
Samoa Air

Samoa Air, the first airline to charge passengers by weight

Samoa Air say they are keeping airfares fair by charging passengers only for what they weigh. Some may find they end up paying far less than the standard air fair, some far more.
State Road A1A in Daytona Beach, Florida

Florida Car Hire: International Driving Permit

Foreigners must have an international driving permit to drive in Florida. Or do they?
Emirates Air Line, Londonvideo

Emirates Air Line is a new visitor attraction in London

Also known as Thames cable car, Emirates Air Line links Greenwich Peninsula to the Royal Docks and takes just five minutes to make the journey.

Suitcase psychology: travel luggage reveals your personality

Research shows that the luggage you carry and the things you pack speaks volumes about the type of person you are.
British Airways tails

UK Air Passenger Duty soars from 1st April 2012

UK Budget 2012: Flights to and from the UK will now cost 8 per cent more due to Air Passenger Duty.
feet in bed

Women twice more likely to two-time as men on Valentine’s Day

The findings of a poll have shown that women are two times as likely to have an affair as men on Valentine's Day.
No1 Lounge Gatwick

Super-lounge with spa at Gatwick

New passenger facility opens at Gatwick Airport’s North Terminal with Lounge and travel spa.

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