EHICPlus Travel Health Insurance

The downside of the EHIC is that not all costs are covered, only the hospital care itself. EHICPlus Travel Insurance is a ‘top-up’ to the EHIC card.
hand luggage at airport

easyJet to encourage pre-payment for excess luggage

EasyJet is to encourage pre-payment for excess luggage fines by offering an online discount.
EHIC European Health Insurance Card

Passport, EHIC… Brits are so forgetful

Department of Health issues reminder to all British holidaymakers travelling in Europe this summer: Brits are putting themselves at risk by not carrying in-date documents.

Hand Luggage Restrictions Eased But Rules Defy Logic

The lifting of luggage restrictions sounds like welcome news, but because it is not applied at all airports, or all airlines air passengers are...
US-VISIT mechanism that records all 10 fingerprint

Fingerprint scanners at US airports will scan all 10 fingers

Homeland Security will collect 10 fingerprints at airports from international visitors to the United States.
Virgin Galactic SpaceShipTwo

Fatal blast may halt plans for space tourism

Deaths of three at spaceship factory may block Virgin Galactic's hopes to put tourists in orbit by 2009.
Astraeus Boeing 757-200

Astraeus to launch Flystar

Flystar, a new scheduled-services brand and accompanying online booking engine have been launched by Astraeus.
Iranian Girls

Iran Warns Tourists: Follow Our Dress Code

Women must cover their heads and conceal their curves in public in Iran. The law also applies to all visiting foreigners.
Heathrow Express at Heathrow Terminal 5

Heathrow Express adds WiFi

Heathrow Express has become the first city-airport shuttle in the world to offer its passengers wi-fi enabled communication on its entire route.
Vilnius Cathedral and Bell Tower

Vilnius, Lithuania: European Capital of Culture in 2009

The Lithuanian capital is the first city in the Post-Communist block to be designated European Capital of Culture.

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