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Niche Holidays

by Sharron Livingston
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Holidaymakers come in all shapes and sizes. Nudists, naturists, ravers, single, swinger, cyclists, adrenaline junkies, romantics and even recovering alcoholics… all these niche groups are able to go on holidays that are tailored around them. Holidays where they can meet up with like minded souls and where in some cases they bare them.

Sober Holidays

Europe’s first alcohol-free holiday resort, Renovatio – aimed at recovering addicts – has been unveiled in Portugal and will open for guests in April. The aim is to provide a “safe, supportive environment”.

Accommodation is a restored 19th-century villa in the Algarve, close to Faro airport. It offers a wide range of activities, from mountain biking and hiking, to bird watching and tennis. There are also 14 golf courses in the surrounding countryside.

Counselling is available for those who want it as well as three weekly English Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meetings. Weekly Gamblers Anonymous and twice-weekly Narcotics Anonymous meetings will also take place locally.

Sober Holidays are open to guests with a minimum of 60 days sobriety. Prices are €395 for a three-night break, and €595 for a five-night break, all-inclusive.

[Update 10 December 2015: Renovatio and Sober Holidays no longer exist]

Naturist Holidays

Once a secret pastime, nudist holidays are becoming mainstream. France alone welcome 1.5 million visitors to their naturist facilities and Spain has 700 beaches set aside for nudists. So, or those who want to experience their holiday without their clothes, and there is a growing number, Peng Travel may have the holiday for you. Holidays are arranged with proper nude sunbathing and swimming facilities at various destinations including France, the Caribbean and the US.

[Update 10 December 2015: Peng Travel are now called PengFrance and only offer naturist holidays in Cap d’Agde, France]

Birdwatching Holidays

If you can tell the difference between a paraqueet and a parrot, chances are you are a birdwatcher. Luckily the choice of birdwatching holidays around the world is staggering. Responsible Travel offers exotic destinations such as the Himalayas, Costa Rica, Sri Lanka Gambia, Ethiopia, Hungary and Andalucia where holidaymakers can spend their days gazing at endemic birds.

Eclipse Holidays

If you have never seen an eclipse, but wish you could, there are specialist tours you can join.

Solar eclipses are one of the most spectacular and memorable natural events you are ever likely to see, they’re real once in a lifetime experiences.

Interpid Travel offers well planned trips, leaving you free to enjoy the blend of star gazing, the eclipse itself, and a host of memorable activities.

Their resident expert is Dr John Mason who goes on the trips; he’s written, or edited, over 70 books, made appearances on the BBC’s The Sky at Night and Tomorrow’s World and given lectures on astronomy across the globe. You’ll also have a local guide with you throughout, leading you through the country.

Life Change Holidays for Women

Responsible Travel offer a Life change holiday for women in Thailand. Whether it’s a major life overhaul you need or just to steer your life in a new direction, this is a holiday with a goal….changing your life to suit you. This is an opportunity to make the changes in your life that you may have been thinking about for some time. Maybe a particular event has pushed you to the point where you know that change is necessary, or you may simply be tired of being stuck in a rut, knowing you’re not getting the best out of life. £599 buys 8 days (excluding flights) accommodation with therapeutic experiences for making changes in your life, spa treatments and private tours. There is also a 12 week follow up support system in place.

The company also runs other holidays for women who want to holiday only with other women. The best selling women only holidays include Rajasthan, Egypt, Ethiopia, Morocco, Vietnam and even mountain biking holiday.

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