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Ninjas wanted to promote tourism in Japan: apply now

by Sharron Livingston

Update 15 April 2016: According to Japan Times, of the 235 applicants 85% were non-Japanese and 29-year-old American, Chris O’Neill, was one of the six applicants who got the job!

If you were a child in the eighties you may well have played with ninja dolls making up covert operations and adventures using espionage and aerial fighting skills. For some reason ninja toys (and cartoons) fell out of favour. But now they are back.

Japan is looking to hire six full time ninja warriors to kick start warlord tourism to Aichi prefecture. They say that this was once home to the feudal warlord Oda Nobunaga.

If you can do a backflip, are aged over 18 and love Japanese warlord history you can apply regardless of nationality. If you choose to accept the mission you will have to wear ninja garb and be willing to perform during public events both in Japan and elsewhere. The salary is $1600 per month.

In ninja spirit you will have to be quick and apply by March 22 and be available to start work in May.


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