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SAFE Global: a travel security App worth creating

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SAFE Global

Do you or your family ever wonder about safety whilst travelling abroad?

SAFE Global is an innovative travel security companion enabling users to connect with family and friends wherever they are in the world, as well as stay updated about what’s happening around them.

The App is particularly relevant for this day and age as we are travelling more and often doing it independently. Most of us carry a smart phone when we travel and we are utilising this technology when it comes to inspiring, planning and undertaking our trips.

“Whilst I can’t make the world a safer place, I’m passionate about delivering a safer way of being in it!” – CEO, Hefin Jones MC

With a host of safety features including location check ins, geo-fencing, and one-touch emergency alerting, SAFE connects users to friends, family, and round-the-clock support wherever they are in the world, letting you travel further and safer.

For iPhone and Android (sorry Nokia fans), SAFE is sleek, smart, and ready to travel both home and abroad.

SAFE Ultimate includes:

  • Three unique SAFE guardian features connecting you to SAFE’s 24/7 support:
    • SOS (immediate emergency two-way audio connection to our trained operators).
    • SAFE Call (non-emergency two-way audio assistance in situations that are urgent, but not currently life-threatening, with the option for a call back).
    • SAFE Timer (timer set by you to alert the Alarm Receiving Centre if the duration expires without confirmation of your wellbeing).
  • Round-the-clock two-way audio support from SAFE’s UK based Alarm Receiving Centre at the touch of a button.
  • Live contact tracking – individually managed.
  • Geo-fencing (want to alert someone if you stray off course? Automatically notifies your Primary Contact when you enter or leave a virtual area).
  • One-touch check in (notifies designated contacts of your location).
  • News relative to your location or next destination.
  • Map showing nearest hospitals/police/embassies wherever you are, with callable contact details and directions.
  • Details country reports by email.
  • Professional travel, medical, and survival safety tips and advice.

All of this is achieved through a sleek and straightforward user experience operating from a central, easy-to-follow “homepage” interface from which each unique feature is easily accessible and managed.

SAFE Lite is available to download for free on the App Store and Google Play.

The Lite version enables you to use certain free features, without any obligation. Two upgradable versions – Pro and Ultimate – provide a suite of personal security and location information services, including 24/7 response from our UK based SAFE Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) via audio communications for all Ultimate users.



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