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Would you ski off the top of a 21 storey building?

by Sharron Livingston
Slalom House, Astana, Kazakhstan

So, we have enjoyed roof top gardens, restaurants and even transparent swimming pools but now you can ski off your rooftop to the street below.

That is if you live in Almaty in south eastern Kazakhstan, a city where winters are long and temperatures are low hovering around minus 20 desgree Celsius from November right through to April.

It’s perfect weather for the zany Slalom House project that aims to create a giant 1,000 ft ski slope for ski loving residents who don’t have the opportunity to ski in the region despite being able to see beautifully rugged, snow capped Trans-Ili Alatau mountains on the horizon.

The new housing project was devised by a group of architects, led by Shokhan Mataibekov and will be a multi-purpose, 21 storey building with shops on the ground floor, 421 flats with the ski slope running alongside the building.


Vladimir Ku, a member of the project team said “it would be an instant hit for all the ski and snowboard lovers of Almaty”.

Plans have been submitted for this unique venture and the project is currently awaiting approval from city officials.


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