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The Powder Man

by Travel Classifieds
The Powder Man by Paul Youden

Peter Kingston is an ambitious journalist in his early twenties, working for a regional newspaper. He spends his days covering court cases, community events and gossip, but he yearns to travel the world and write stories of strange and exotic lands. Peter’s life changes forever when a colleague encounters the notorious, international drug baron – the Powder Man – with violent consequences. This stroke of bad luck for his colleague unexpectedly opens the door for Peter to travel Europe and get paid into the bargain, accompanied by his beautiful photographer girlfriend, Sue. Peter might have thought twice about leaving his home comforts behind, however, if he could have foreseen the dangers he was about to face and just how close he would come to a violent and bloody end, when mistaken identity collides with global corruption and organised crime. And the Powder Man is always only one step behind…

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