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What to expect in Washington DC during the Trump Inauguration weekend

by The Travel Magazine
US Capitol, Washington DC

It’s going to be a busy weekend in Washington DC as the 45th President recites the 35 words of The Oath of Office as he is sworn in during the inauguration today.

If the attendance figure of 1.5 million people during Obama’s inauguration is anything to go by, you can expect huge crowds at this most hotly debated and high-profile event.

Metro stations in Washington DC are likely to be closed, security presence will be highly visible, there will be street closures and parking restrictions especially around the Red and Green Vehicle Restricted Zones. Anyone entering the Green zone will have to prove that they are either residents, working there or have some very good excuse to be there.

Ditch the car and use this map

So ditch the car, put on your walking shoes and download and keep this useful interactive Inauguration map handy.

Bear in mind that there is the Women’s March on Washington (WMW) on Saturday which could mean an extra half a million people will be in the city. The march sets off from Independence Avenue and Third Street SW and the mood may be tense.

Too late to book a hotel?

It is probably too late, but not quite. Hotels are mostly booked up including, not surprisingly, Trump International Washington DC.

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Nevertheless, if you have the cash to pay for trumped up last-minute bookings you may still find double rooms at Melrose Georgetown Hotel from $900 per night, Capitol Hilton from $1000, Renaissance from $800 and The Watergate Hotel from $1200. There’s even The Baron Hotel offering exceptional value at $370.

We did a search today and seems that there is still some availability on Airbnb.

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Donald Trump - The Art of the Deal


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