No security scanners here, says Dubai

National customs don't allow scanners

By TTM on 07 July 2010 in News

Whereas the UK has embraced full-body scanner technology to enhance security at British Airports, Dubai will not.

No airports in Dubai will include full-body scanners as part of their border security regime because they do not correspond with national ethics and customs.

Brig Ahmed bin Thani, the Dubai Police’s director of airport security said “I do not feel that it is necessary for us to implement such a technology while we are operating different methods and have different avenues that have worked so far,” he told The National newspaper.

“The use of such a device violates personal privacy and it raises a very sensitive issue for passengers, in addition to the fact that it does not complement our national ethics."

The scanners are able to see underneath clothing to the surface of the skin and special software is used to hide private parts of the body.

The scanners, which cost £80,000 each are able to produce images of passengers alleviating the need for a manual pat down.

However there has been some opposition to the scanners because they are perceived as being immodest.

In March  two women, who were due to fly to Islamabad were chosen at random to pass through the new scanning machine at Manchester airport. They refused and were stopped from boarding the plane.

One, who is believed to be a Muslim, refused on religious reasons and the other cited health grounds.

At US airports passengers are given the option of a pat down search.


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