EHIC European Health Insurance Card

Passport, EHIC… Brits are so forgetful

Department of Health issues reminder to all British holidaymakers travelling in Europe this summer: Brits are putting themselves at risk by not carrying in-date documents.
Empires of the Indus: From Tibet to Pakistan

Empires of the Indus: From Tibet to Pakistan

From Tibet to Pakistan, a mixture of travel, adventure and the history of the Indus River's civilizations and explorers.
Avenue Bourguiba, Tunis

City break in Tunis – an overlapping of cultures, religions and history

Tunis is recognisably Mediterranean in character, yet bound together by an Islamic thread and North African climate that hold a seductive charm and mysticism.
Sunset over the base of Eiffel Tower, Paris

Top ten things to see and do in Paris

If you are a first time visitor to Paris, do not leave the French capital without visiting some of these must-sees.
Astana, Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan: Welcome to the Pleasure Dome

Once it was best known for being the homeland of hapless TV reporter Borat. But Kazakhstan has much more to offer.
Cancun, Mexico

Travel Guide: Top 10 things to see and do in Cancun

Visiting Cancun? Here are some must see and do's to this historic city that really knows how to party.
Vilnius Cathedral and Bell Tower

Vilnius, Lithuania: European Capital of Culture in 2009

The Lithuanian capital is the first city in the Post-Communist block to be designated European Capital of Culture.
Travelodge Room

Travelodge launches Cuddillow – a cuddle pillow

In response to customers who find it difficult to sleep on their own when travelling solo, Travelodge has created "Cuddillow" the UK's first cuddling pillow.
Camel in Sahara desert, Algeria

Ten Reasons To Visit The Sahara Desert

For Caroline Joy, the Sahara is the place where heaven and earth meet. Here are just 10 reasons why the Sahara is so special.
September 11 Memorial, New York

The growth of Dark Tourism – graves, disasters, wars

Do you enjoy poking around people's graves, visiting places where hundreds were murdered or marvelling at ruins left behind by a catastrophic natural disaster?