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8 Reasons To Encourage You To Travel

by Martino Matijevic
Facts That Will Make You Want To Travel (More)

Travel can impact our lives in wonderful ways. Some do it to lose themselves or find themselves. Some for inspiration or aspiration. The essence of travel has been captured beautifully in this video by BuzzFeed.

Which of the following do you agree/disagree with (leave a comment):

  1. Money spent on travel will make you happier than money spent on material goods.
  2. Trip length doesn’t affect your post-trip happiness.
  3. Regular travellers get along with people better.
  4. Couples who travel together report increased intimacy.
  5. The best travel accessory is someone you love.
  6. Trips can change history.
  7. The ticket is usually the only big cost.
  8. Frequent travellers are better problem solvers.

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