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Flights are still being cancelled leaving thousands stranded abroad

More flight cancellations leave British travellers struggling to find a flight home.

by Sharron Livingston

Tens of thousands of British travellers are stranded at airports across Europe after an estimated 200 flights were cancelled over the weekend. 

On Saturday alone, at least 100 flights to and from the UK were grounded. Staff shortages and restrictions on air-traffic control were blamed.

Today Easyjet has cancelled at least 80 flights “due to the ongoing challenging operating environment”. Wizz Air and British Airways have cancelled flights mainly from Gatwick airport. Over the past few weeks, British Airways has cancelled, on average, more than 100 flights per day effectively reducing capacity. 

Families returning from holiday favourites such as Sardinia, Sicily and Corfu are struggling to return home, while some British travellers that were due to fly home on Saturday are still trying to find alternative passage home. Even though there are flights, there are no spare seats.

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Passengers are entitled to alternative flights as soon as possible, including on a rival airline. If there is a delay in finding an alternative flight, then a hotel room should be provided until travel arrangements are made. If the airline is responsible for the cancellation, passengers can expect cash compensation.


Passengers hoping to return from Paris to London on Eurostar trains also face a day of disruption. The Channel Tunnel rail operator said:

“Due to a problem with the overhead power supply near Paris, our services to/from Paris are subject to delays and cancellations. Please don’t come to the station unless you have a ticket to travel.”



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