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Frameless – the art gallery in Marble Arch, London that puts you in the picture.

Frameless has introduced Frameless Lates where you get to experience an upcoming artist as well as the greats.

by Sharron Livingston

Perspective is everything and it was in The World Around gallery at Frameless, in London’s Marble Arch, that I had a shocking paradigm shift.

As the massive image of Rubens’ The Rainbow Landscape shifted around every inch of the room, I had the feeling that the floor beneath me was moving, that the benches upon which people were perched were passing by and I literally lost my balance. It’s all an illusion of course but it made me revisit the idea that we live in a hologram.

Frameless, has six immersive art galleries. Artworks of the greats are transformed into light form and projected throughout the gallery. This is where still-life art is no longer still. The image, of course, is huge, and in perpetual motion around the room to the sounds of classical music.  

You are effectively encapsulated by sound and vision while it plays delightful havoc with your senses.

Some took to settling in on a spot on the floor back against the wall to get a broad view. The vantage point is sensational. Others walked around hypnotised by the experience. 

There are four galleries: The World Around Us, Colour In Motion,  Beyond Reality, and Art of Abstraction which in concert cover all schools of art. Each show lasts around 20 minutes.

Perhaps the most fun is Colour in Motion, the impressionist gallery, where the colourful leaves of Berthe Morisot, The Garden of Bougival move with your own movement.

Frameless Lates

Get there on a Lates evening – a Friday night from 6pm to 10pm and you get three great perks: reduced entry of just £13.00 per person, get to hear live DJ music and you will have the opportunity to see the digital art of emerging artists.

On this night it was the art of Cem Hasimi. Asked about the future of art, he said “for me it is all going to be digital”.

Hail to a new genre of art form.


Framless: from £25.00

Framless Lates: £13.00 – this happens just once a month and starts at 6pm to 10pm

More infomation: https://frameless.com/


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