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Mobile roaming phone bill for UK customers capped in Europe

by Sharron Livingston

Astronomical mobile phone bills are a scurge for travellers using them in Europe. But there’s good news. Travellers can expect cheaper mobile phone bills when using them abroad in Europe.

New EU rules came into effect on 1st July making it cheaper to make call and to receive calls.

There is also a cap on how much operators can charge for data roaming

  • To make a call – 32p/min
  • To receive a call – 12p/min
  • Data roaming limit – £41 a month
  • Prices do not include VAT

Sending a text stays at 9p but to receive a text is still free.

This is the third time that operators have been coerced to cut the cost of calling while in Europe but the capping of data roaming charges is a new initiative.

Capping at £41 a month while in Europe will automatically be in place unless the traveller informs the operator before hand that they wish tohave unlimited internet access abroad.

Frequent travellers though may be able to save even more on their mobile calls abroad with a country Sim card.

Companies like 0044 supply SIM cards that avoid roaming charges and save up to 90% on your call.

All you have to do is swap the SIM card already in your phone for a country SIM card before you go. You can make local calls at local rates, receive calls for free and make cheaper calls to the UK. SIMS cost around £29.99 and come with 5 euros credit to get you started.

There’s no contract and all incoming calls are free.


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