Dayuse K West Executive Room

Would you book a hotel room for a few hours?

Dayuse has enlisted hotels ranging from three to five star in 12 countries who are happy to cash in on day use rooms which would otherwise remain empty.
Acropolis Euro Greece Grexit

Greece Travel Advice: your questions answered

Heading for Greece? Take a stash of cash and make sure your money is insured. Sharron Livingston offers Greece travel advice.
Battle of Waterloo

France and Belgium fight again over Waterloo – Belgium wins!

When France vetoed Belgium's attempt to mint a 2 euro coin to commemorate the Battle of Waterloo, what Brussels did next was genius!
Billionaire hotelier Petter Stordalen crashes jet ski while opening his newest hotel, Clarion Hotel & Congress Malmö, Sweden

Billionaire crashes jet-ski to celebrate a hotel opening in Sweden

Why did Petter Stordalen, the billionaire hotelier, come thundering on a jet-ski through the canals of Malmö? To open a hotel.
Love locks on Pont des Arts bridge in Paris

Paris removes love locks from Pont des Arts bridge

It's the end of an era for lovers whose love locks are removed from Pont des Arts in Paris.
Cassius the croc living out his retirement on Green Island, a Great Barrier Reef coral cay off the coast of Cairns

Great Barrier Reef: World’s biggest crocodile turns 112

The world's biggest crocodile turns 112 making him the world's oldest too.
SNCF TGV in Paris Gare de Lyon

You can now book train travel in France five months in advance

On 2 April, train travel in France will be available to book right through to 30 August, so families can plan and book their summer holiday travel early.
airplane taking off

Overbooking flights is reaching unacceptable levels

Thousands of holiday-makers find themselves bumped off an over-booked flight.
Wildebeest migration

Serengeti wildebeest migration has started three months early

Hundred of thousands of wildebeest have started flooding the central areas of the Serengeti three months early thanks to unusually dry conditions.
La Compagnie - aircraft

New all-business class flights from London to New York

Start-up French airline La Compagnie, tells UK market that they will provide the "cheapest business class service in the world".

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