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Leading COVID-19 travel tests provider, VIVO Clinic, has introduced Day 2 Antigen Tests for sale alongside their Fit to Fly lateral flow tests. A sudden demand for cheap lateral flow antigen tests arose when new travel laws made Day 2 Antigen Tests an accepted form of testing.

With the new launch, VIVO Clinic aims to fulfil the travellers’ needs for affordable and convenient Covid travel testing.

UK travellers can now use fit to fly lateral flow tests to visit many countries. VIVO Clinic’s fit to fly lateral flow test services can be booked in-clinic or postal kits can be purchased online.

Fully vaccinated travellers and most under-18s arriving in England from non-red list countries can use Day 2 Antigen Tests. From 31st October, this will extend to include Scotland and Wales. Before the introduction of recent travel rules, only PCR tests were permissible for Day 2 testing. The government’s endorsement of the cheaper lateral flow tests is designed to make recreational travel more accessible and boost the UK’s struggling travel industry.

Lateral flow antigen tests are a fraction of the cost of PCR tests. Furthermore, antigen tests don’t need to be sent to a laboratory, so results are quick and convenient.

VIVO Clinic is committed to making travel as affordable and convenient as possible. Having spent almost two years becoming established as one of the UK’s leading providers of PCR testing, they are now well-positioned to provide fit to fly antigen tests and Day 2 antigen tests from as little as £14.90

Lateral flow tests are quicker and cheaper compared to PCR testing due to lower manufacturing costs and no laboratory diagnostics requirement. Lateral flow antigen tests are widely used for point of care diagnostics and provide an accuracy of 98.8%.

As an industry leader in COVID-19 travel tests, VIVO Clinic’s testing service is user-friendly and committed to customer convenience. Other than Day 2 antigen tests, VIVO Clinic also provides cheap fit-to-fly lateral flow tests. As a result, travellers can easily purchase or book their required tests in one place with minimal hassle.

Customers can buy the antigen test postal kits online for home use. When submitting the result of a postal kit, customers will receive their results in under 12 hours.

Alternatively, customers may book an in-clinic antigen test appointment at one of over 30 locations in the UK where certificates are issued within 3 hours.

About VIVO Clinic

VIVO Clinic is one of only a few UK Government-listed providers. This responsibility means that the company is stringent in maintaining a high travel-testing standard. VIVO Clinic also provides PCR tests for travellers who are not fully vaccinated and outgoing travel tests for countries that still require PCR.

Lateral flow antigen tests at VIVO Clinic are CE marked and meets the government’s benchmark within the United Kingdom. VIVO Clinic recommends you pre-organise your lateral flow antigen tests if you are looking to travel in the forthcoming months. The official market predictions state the antigen test demand will increase significantly. The increased demand will cut down antigen test availability throughout the UK. VIVO Clinic also advises that anybody looking to travel should pre-purchase their lateral flow antigen tests from vivoclinic.com.

Please note, you must ensure that a lateral flow test will suffice for travel with your flight provider and the government guidelines of the country you wish to visit. VIVO Clinic will not be liable for customers who purchase fit to fly lateral flow tests that cannot be used for their travel purposes as this is the customer’s responsibility.

Eligible travellers must purchase Day 2 Antigen Tests prior to departure for the UK. Everyone travelling to the UK must fill a passenger locator form. This pre-flight form is a legal requirement and must contain details of pre-booked Day 2 Antigen Tests. VIVO Clinic provides a unique reference number for this purpose with every booking and purchase of Day 2 Antigen Tests.

Besides the fit to fly lateral flow antigen tests, VIVO Clinic also offers Day 2 and Day 8 PCR tests, Test to Release Day 5 PCR tests, and pre-travel PCR tests. Travellers who are not fully vaccinated must use PCR tests for travel. Moreover, several countries worldwide only accept PCR tests. 




S Campbell Nov 17, 2021 - 4:53 pm

Please read the many negative reviews before dealing with this company. Yet another company that take your money and fail to provide the test kits. They do not respond to emails or messages and you can’t get through on the phone.

francois Nov 18, 2021 - 9:34 pm

Yes, they took my money but I never received the reference number which I need to travel…. great!!

Amanda Douglas Nov 29, 2021 - 2:23 pm

Please do not use this clinic ! I ordered a lateral flow test to be delivered to an address in the Uk 10 days before my arrival date. The test never arrived. It was impossible to contact the clinic on their phone line, despite constant calls days before my arrival. Another passenger and myself were unable to board our flight back to Italy thanks to Vivo clinic! It cost me15 pounds immediately paid by credit card and a lot of stress. We intend to report Vivo clinic. This is just to warn people hoping they will not find themselves in a similar situation.

chirs sk Feb 15, 2022 - 4:35 pm

Be very careful when ordering products from this company. If you make any mistakes on your order, they will not entertain any refunds, even if the products have not been dispatched. I ordered home test kits from the internet and after realising my mistake tried to cancel an hour or so later. Maybe a no refund policy might be suitable if medical products have already been delivered, but in this case there is no reason to not help. Just sucks. They do call to offer to upgrade you to a much more expensive product or service. but unfortunately the email they provide to resolve any complaints is useless. They don’t respond to that. Covid testing is stressful enough without added bad business practice. AVOID


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